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NTT DATA uses automation, hybrid cloud to modernize banking


NTT DATA Corporation, a global IT services organization, used Red Hat hybrid cloud and automation technologies to build the largest financial service delivery platform in Japan. Called OpenCanvas, it operates as a digital transformation platform to serve financial institutions, public institutions, and many other customers. The introduction of Red Hat technologies has led to faster payouts of the virtual infrastructure, reduced operating costs, and expanded customer service offerings.

Press release: Red Hat helps NTT DATA Corporation digitally transform with open, cloud-native technologies


Icon-Red_Hat-Media_and_documents-Quotemark_Open-B-Red-RGB We plan to expand the success of this project, not only within finance but also for other industries, using Red Hat OpenShift and other Red Hat technologies for efficient application production and operations.

Hiroshi Tomiyasu

Senior Vice President, NTT DATA Corporation


Modernize Japan’s financial services sector

To improve operational efficiency, Japanese financial institutions urgently needed to modernize their legacy systems. The industry faced several challenges, including flexibility, development speed, and complex regulations. To address these issues, NTT DATA wanted to build an innovative financial services delivery platform using open source technologies. The company chose Red Hat hybrid cloud and automation technologies to develop, deploy, and automate new applications for its banking customers.


Build an open source hybrid cloud platform

With Red Hat technologies, NTT DATA developed the OpenCanvas platform to link financial institutions with financial technology providers to modernize their cloud service infrastructure—and increase customer services. Additional platform enhancements, such as containerization, continue to boost efficiency. OpenCanvas runs the financial settlement system used by many financial institutions in Japan.

Business outcome

Gain flexibility, efficiency, and speed

Using Red Hat automation and cloud technologies, NTT DATA increased its flexibility and the development speed of new customer services. The platform also helped NTT DATA offer more competitive pricing, leading to a significant reduction in operating costs. NTT DATA plans to expand this success across industries using Red Hat technologies.

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