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ExxonMobil speeds information sharing, gains agility and productivity


ExxonMobil, one of the world’s largest publicly traded energy providers and chemical manufacturers, develops and applies modern technologies to help safely and responsibly meet the growing demand for energy and chemical products. ExxonMobil worked with Red Hat to revolutionize the way its data scientists work, allowing them to become much more agile and productive.

The proof of concept was so successful that there was no question if we should move forward with the project. The most interesting challenge that we have had to overcome is convincing individuals that this technology is real and can work in conjunction with various public cloud technologies.

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Speed information sharing

Research data scientists at ExxonMobil needed a better way to share their algorithms with their customers—the engineers, geoscientists, and researchers who determine how and where to extract oil and gas. Previously, research data scientists had to configure and update their users’ machines to share proofs of concepts. This process was time consuming, and the data exchange was complicated. Now, ideas can be easily shared electronically.

Use agile methodologies to work faster—and smarter

With help from Red Hat Consulting and ExxonMobil’s newly formed enablement team, ExxonMobil is changing the way its data scientists work. Now, research data scientists use modern software development best practices to iterate and fail faster, greatly accelerating project delivery. By combining agile practices with open source technology, data scientists have better tools to share important information with customers. The effort has been so successful that the practice is spreading within the company.

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Accelerate business with better information sharing

Using its new technology and processes, ExxonMobil research data scientists are now able to be more productive. Each data scientist can now deliver many more projects a year. In addition, they can validate more project ideas, allowing them to pivot and make changes to projects more quickly. They can also share projects without needing to be physically in the same location—and do it with greater security. Now, the business can deliver faster with greater agility and better results.

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