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The Social Innovation Program provides consulting services and Red Hat product support to nonprofit-based open source projects that are solving social and environmental issues. Red Hat builds partnerships across public, private, and nonprofit sectors to foster collaboration towards building better open source solutions towards the benefit of all. Through Red Hat Impact, Red Hatters are enabled to contribute their skills to impactful open source community projects. 

WHO: How a learning platform is transforming global health

UNICEF: An ambitious project to map schools on a global scale

Curriki: Democratizing education with open e-learning solutions

Greenpeace: An open invitation to help the planet

Red Hat Impact

Red Hat Impact is Red Hat’s skills-based volunteering program. It structures and supports initiatives that provide Red Hatters with the opportunity to contribute their skills to socially and environmentally-focused open source community projects. 

In 2020, Red Hatters donated 5,000+ hours to external open source projects dedicated to overcoming the challenges brought about by COVID-19. In 2021, Red Hatters donated 4,000+ hours to open source projects in the open education and open science spaces. 120 Red Hatters contributed to the Red Hat Inspire Hackathon and submitted over 150 commits, added 17,600 lines of code, and reviewed over 72,000 metadata tags.


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