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Environment and sustainability

Striving to help the environment

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In 2020, the workplace landscape changed, with our global associate population spending a significant amount of the year working at home rather than in our offices. This had an impact on the carbon footprint associated with operations in these offices, and it also presented us with opportunities to collaborate with associates in their own attempts to be sustainable at home and outside of the office.

  • On average, electricity consumption was reduced by 23% last year in directly managed offices across our global portfolio.
  • Water consumption was down across several of our key global office locations, including a 67% reduction at an office in Bangalore and a 13% reduction at the Raleigh, North Carolina, headquarters compared to the same period in 2019.
  • Red Hat’s air travel peaked at just more than 10 million miles in January 2020, then declined due to the pandemic to almost zero by June, remaining there for the remainder of the year.


While our offices were closed, we shifted efforts to support associates’ sustainability efforts at home.

  • Red Hat launched a sustainability-at-home information resource where associates shared ideas on how to stay healthy, reduce costs, and fight climate change. Red Hatters shared lists of sustainable food choices, tips on how to reduce water consumption and minimize daily energy use, methods to increase natural light throughout the home, plant suggestions to provide greenery and improve air quality, and reminders to take time to go outside and exercise.
  • Red Hatters founded a new associate-led internal community to support development and implementation of sustainability targets and initiatives, both operationally and across core business activities.

Red Hat volunteers cultivate vegetables in a community garden.

Red Hat volunteers cultivate vegetables in a community garden.

Red Hatters walking to a volunteer engagement in Mahwah, N.J.

New bins in our offices help keep problematic waste items out of landfills to mitigate their harmful effect on the environment.

Red Hat is working to build a better world

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