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Self-support Subscription (1 year)
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Previous versions

A Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription is not version specific. Once a subscription has been purchased, customers have access to currently supported versions (5, and 6) based on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Life Cycle. Please note, if you are purchasing a subscription to support Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, please contact sales (requires Extended Lifecycle Support -- not available online).

Read more detailed information on Red Hat's included support Service Level Agreements and scope of coverage.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop is built for both the administrator and the end user. Built with the robust and secure Red Hat Enterprise Linux foundation and leading end-user applications and features from the open source community, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop is an attractive and highly productive environment for knowledge workers on desktops or laptops.

Client installations can be finely tailored and locked down for simplicity and security for any task workstation. For those who require performance, visualization, and interactivity for simulation and design, Red Hat provides support for the latest graphics cards and true scalability on multi-core systems.


Designed for task workers. Typically requires a limited set of applications. End user has limited administrative control over the system. System administrators need to be able to pre-configure and remotely manage consistent images across a large number of systems.

Primary applications in use are productivity applications like Firefox, Evolution/Thunderbird, OpenOffice, Planner/TaskJuggler. Primary services in use would be network file systems like SMB/CIFS, NFS, printing services, IM.


Workstations are designed for advanced Linux users. In addition to the tools provided in the Desktop variant, the Workstation variant supports a stand-alone development environment. End users are expected to have local super-user privileges or select super-user privileges.

New in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6

Your productivity, security and flexibility are enhanced with

  • OpenOffice 3 suite
  • Email - (openchange MAPI client capability)
  • NetworkManager - mobile network connection management
  • Cisco IPSEC client compatibility
  • Smart Card support
  • Encrypted disk (luks)

RHEL 6 Desktop benefits

  • Native Linux Desktop

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 client-side solutions provide a fully functional desktop that can be used to replace Microsoft Windows, offering excellent compatibility and superior security.

  • Internationalization (I18N)

    Support for multiple languages allows more people to use Red Hat Enterprise Linux in their native, or chosen, language.

  • Security

    Prevents security exploits among applications running in separate windows on the same desktop.

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