Containers on cloud: A hands-on approach

Deploy cloud-native apps with confidence

Build cloud-native applications, deploy them, and manage workloads across a hybrid cloud

Containers on Cloud, a Red Hat® Services offering, provides side-by-side mentoring to accelerate business agility. As a participant, you’ll work with Red Hat experts to build an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) across physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures and deploy containerized apps.

Red Hat Services will help you to architect and implement a container platform addresses your most pertinent business needs, quickly and reliably. As a result, your team can address the complexity of deploying containers on cloud with ease, so you can focus on transforming organizational culture.

Red Hat Services: Containers on cloud

Designing your OpenShift Container Platform for Amazon Web Services

Containers on cloud: A hands-on approach

In Containers on Cloud, you’ll engage in an end-to-end program that starts with identifying business drivers, deployment, and all the way back to iteration.


Identify business drivers, key metrics, constraints, and desired outcomes for successful container cloud adoption.


Participate in a series of architect-led workshop sessions to define a minimum viable container cloud capability, including planned workloads for initial deployment.


Work alongside Red Hat experts to build a Red Hat OpenStack® Platform environment optimized for Red Hat OpenShift with proven architectural patterns.


Gain hands-on mentoring and on-demand training on cloud infrastructure and modern software delivery practices.


Review outcomes and identify future actions to further expand your cloud-native application portfolio and extend workloads into hybrid cloud environments.

Why Red Hat consulting

A strategic approach to accelerate business agility

With a history of enabling enterprise success using open source, Red Hat delivers advanced skills, access to Red Hat portfolio releases and direction, and a culture of collaboration and innovation.

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Straight from the source

Get a direct line of communication with the Red Hat support and product development organization.

Diverse technical experience

Diverse technical experience

Learn from the experts on open source and application platforms in the market.

Mentoring-based approach

Mentoring-based approach

We believe knowledge must be as open as the source code. Jumpstart your move in a safe and efficient manner.

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