Analyst Material

Using network automation to power modern applications

Keep pace with modern strategies, growing networks, and hybrid IT architecture

To keep pace with modern application strategies, the growing number of network technologies, and the distributed nature of hybrid IT architecture, networking teams need to automate and streamline the processes and tasks necessary for networking provisioning and management.

The path to network automation should be well thought out—starting with simple automation tasks and maturing to more complex ones is a common approach that will give IT and network teams time to gain experience with network automation and ensure the least disruption.

This Pathfinder analyst paper explores:

  • How network automation differs from automated network management.
  • How network automation impacts application development and DevOps processes.
  • How other organizations are looking at network automation.
  • Which features to consider as you mature your network automation solution.

Download this paper from 451 Research for the details of why network automation is more important than ever.

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