Boost hybrid cloud security: Protect your business with cloud-native security considerations

hybrid cloud security

Deploy a security-focused hybrid cloud

No matter where you are in your hybrid cloud journey, security is a big concern. In fact, 79% of enterprises cite cloud security as a challenge.1 But it doesn’t have to be a mystery. You can deploy a security-focused hybrid cloud by adapting your methods to account for the differences between on-premise and cloud architecture. 

Inside the book

“Boost hybrid cloud security” reviews new approaches and considerations, including:

  • Starting with a strong foundation: Discover how to reliably run critical applications, include multilayered security capabilities to reduce risk, and implement security and compliance automation.
  • Implementing a trusted software supply chain with DevSecOps: Explore how to adopt a security-focused approach to your software supply chain by implementing security across the software development life cycle (SDLC) using DevSecOps practices.
  • Using automation and management to protect your cloud: Improve security compliance and reduce the risk of misconfigurations and manual errors by creating consistency, repeatability, and the ability to verify and audit. 
  1. Flexera, "2023 State of Cloud Report,” March 2023

Boost hybrid cloud security
Security is a process, not a product

Effective security requires a holistic approach.

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