Strengthen the foundation of your IT with Red Hat Virtualization

Virtualization is the foundation of the modern datacenter—from traditional to cloud

Today’s datacenters fundamentally rely on virtualization technologies to improve server utilization through consolidation. As organizations move into the cloud and build next-generation applications, virtualization has taken on new life within IT departments.

IDC’s whitepaper, "The Critical Role of Virtualization in Modern Datacenters, Hybrid Clouds, and Containers," reports that Red Hat® Virtualization is a mature open virtualization platform and serves as the common foundation across traditional and next-gen cloud stacks—from OpenStack to containers.

Virtualization solutions, like Red Hat Virtualization, continue to be the strategic foundation for the future of IT, powered by:

  • Open standards
  • Open APIs
  • Integration with cloud technologies, containers, and management solutions

Download IDC’s whitepaper to learn if your current virtualization solution can power your future workloads.