Maximize your Linux operating environment

Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® provides a flexible and stable foundation to support hybrid cloud innovation, allowing you to build security and compliance into the infrastructure from the time of development and more easily maintain stability throughout the production life cycle.

This e-book covers how you can build, deploy, and manage applications and workloads faster and more efficiently with a consistent experience across physical, virtual, private and public cloud, and edge deployments.


  • Security: 8 tech tips to advance security and compliance 
  • Development: 8 tech tips to build and deploy applications in a hybrid cloud environment
  • Containers: 7 tech tips that simplify container adoption
  • Edge computing: 7 tech tips to take your enterprise to the edge of the network
  • Management and automation: 10 tech tips to simplify management and automation

Download the e-book to read these tip lists and tip lists on these additional topics: SQL, SAP, performance, and IT life cycle planning.