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Evaluate Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

Test out Red Hat OpenShift for operations

Learn how to run Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

The Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform test drive provides system administrators with a no-cost hands-on lab experience. In a fully functional environment hosted in the cloud, you'll learn how easy it is to install and configure the Red Hat solution. You will explore the features of the platform and learn about standard operational and administrative processes. You only need an SSH client and a web browser to complete the test drive exercises. The test environment will remain at your disposal for 8 hours.

In this self-paced, hands-on lab environment, you’ll learn:

  • How to install and configure Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, including log and metrics aggregation and external authentication.
  • How to install and configure container-native storage featuring Red Hat Gluster® Storage inside Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.
  • How to perform basic administrative and maintenance operations.
  • Basic application life cycle with health and readiness monitoring.

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  • Terms & Conditions By Clicking "Register" and registering for an evaluation via the Test Drive Program and accepting these terms, you represent that you will be using the Red Hat Subscriptions(s) for evaluation and testing purposes only, and Red Hat is relying on your representation as a condition of our providing you access to the Subscription(s). Red Hat is providing you, the Client, with access to one or more Red Hat Subscriptions for evaluation and testing purposes subject to the following conditions: (a) you agree to the terms in the Red Hat’s Enterprise Agreement set forth at (or if available, a previously signed similar agreement between your company and Red Hat) (either the "Agreement") govern your usage of the Red Hat Subscriptions and (b) if you use the Red Hat Subscription for any purpose other than evaluation and testing purposes, you agree to pay Red Hat the Subscription Fee(s) for each Unit of Red Hat Subscription pursuant to the Agreement. PLEASE READ THE AGREEMENT CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THE RED HAT SUBSCRIPTIONS. BY USING RED HAT SUBSCRIPTIONS, YOU SIGNIFY YOUR ASSENT TO AND ACCEPTANCE OF THE AGREEMENT AND ACKNOWLEDGE YOU HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND THE TERMS. AN INDIVIDUAL ACTING ON BEHALF OF AN ENTITY REPRESENTS THAT HE OR SHE HAS THE AUTHORITY TO ENTER INTO THE AGREEMENT ON BEHALF OF THAT ENTITY. IF YOU DO NOT ACCEPT THE TERMS OF THE AGREEMENT, THEN YOU MUST NOT USE THE RED HAT SUBSCRIPTIONS.