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Red Hat, HPE, and Intel together for SAP: Collaborating for efficiency


SAP technologies are undergoing a continuous modernization process.

The path has been traced: SAP business applications are being containerized, the SAP ecosystem is moving towards cloud architectures, and a hybrid model will be the right choice for many users in the coming years. Combinations of on-premise, private and public cloud services will be the foundation for SAP and other vendors' workloads.

Open source solutions, platforms, and technologies play a key role in this process, and they offer a competitive advantage in the digital transformation journey.

SAP is increasingly adopting open source approaches: while the German company has long been involved in the development of open source projects, and it is an active contributor to the community, it relies on open source technologies for its emerging products, such as the Linux for SAP HANA in-memory database and Kubernetes as "Container Platform as a Service".

In Italy, the collaboration between Red Hat and SAP is making rapid progress, allowing us to reach important targets. With HPE’s and Intel’s valuable support, and their extremely advanced hardware with Persistent Memory, we have developed an actual Lab to test a wide variety of Red Hat technologies on SAP.

Our Lab is not limited to the operating system. At our SAP Lab, it is possible to test Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and we have recently announced an ad-hoc version optimized for the SAP environment: Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions. In addition, Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform offers several benefits - especially in production environments – while Red Hat OpenShift is the ideal platform for next-generation open hybrid clouds and for the advanced management of Red Hat Satellite.

More importantly, in our shared vision, Red Hat solutions and SAP platforms can be completely integrated and work together to help solve the increasingly complex business challenges that organizations face every day. Our SAP Lab offers real solutions for many of today’s business use cases, which require organizations of every size and from every industry to become faster and more efficient, with a focus on digitalization and a shorter time-to-market.

This initiative aims at promoting a powerful and flexible open source architecture, and open source as a true innovation driver capable of transcending traditional IT with benefits for the entire organization.

Together, Red Hat, HPE, and Intel can help SAP customers to shape their future.

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