Accelerate your automation with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

Unlock the power of automation at a lower price

Take advantage of our "Accelerate your automation with Ansible" promotion until Jun 30, 2024. You can get one ⅓ of the subscription free when you purchase either a one (1) or three (3) year subscription term of Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform.

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Why automate with Ansible Automation Platform?

A recent IDC report¹ revealed that organizations running Ansible Automation Platform benefited from improved efficiency, productivity, and reduced risk and expenses, including:

  • A 667% 5-year ROI.
  • 30% more efficient IT Infrastructure management.
  • 10 months payback time.
  • 39% more apps developed per year.
  • 76% reduction in unplanned downtime.

¹IDC Whitepaper, sponsored by Red Hat, The Business Value of Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, October 2021

Traditional, manual approaches to network configuration and updates are slow and error prone, making it difficult for IT to support the needs of modern workloads across complex, distributed edge, and multicloud IT environments.

Ansible Automation Platform gives you a simple, powerful, and agentless foundation for modern network operations, while still supporting your current processes and legacy infrastructure. With Ansible, you can boost:

  • Productivity: Respond faster to increased demand for changes.
  • Compliance: Keep pace with continuously changing policies and regulations.
  • Security: Identify vulnerabilities and implement fixes across your entire network.
  • Availability: Increase network availability with more effective testing and management.