Solution Overview

Considerations for modernizing your SAP environment by migrating to the public cloud

Migration to SAP HANA is mandatory

Organizations must migrate their underlying databases to SAP HANA® by 2027. SAP HANA is supported only on Linux® operating systems, so many organizations must also choose and deploy a new Linux foundation in their datacenter. Migrating your SAP environment presents an opportunity to modernize your underlying IT infrastructure with cloud technologies to reduce costs, streamline operations and maintenance, and increase business agility.

This solution overview shares considerations when modernizing your SAP environment, including:

  • Two Red Hat Enterprise Linux offerings optimized for SAP environments (Red Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions and Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP with High Availability and Update Services)
  • Considerations for deploying SAP HANA (Linux platform, cloud platform, management and automation, security and compliance, performance, scalability, availability and stability, flexibility and choice, and support)

Download the solution overview to better understand these considerations.