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Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® is the world’s leading enterprise platform. A consistent, intelligent operating foundation for modern IT and enterprise hybrid cloud deployments, Red Hat Enterprise Linux delivers optimal benefits for your organization allowing you to deploy applications, workloads, and services using the same tools giving you more control, confidence, and freedom to innovate. Red Hat Enterprise Linux reduces the labor and cost associated with cloud deployment while accelerating time-to-market for critical business workloads. As a result, you can deploy and operate the enterprise hybrid cloud environment your business needs faster and with less effort.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the number one commercial Linux distribution in public cloud environments. 36% of surveyed organizations considered and selected Red Hat Enterprise Linux for their Linux deployments.

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Were you considering adopting community open source solutions to reduce initial costs? Did you know that community distributions come with hidden costs associated with developing and maintaining stable software, and those costs—in time, money, and labor—get transferred to your IT department?

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  • 35% lower infrastructure costs.2
  • 16% fewer unplanned outages.2
  • 39%  lower productivity loss due to unplanned downtime.2
  • 38% more efficient IT infrastructure teams.2
  • 17%  more productive development teams.2
  • 26% faster application development cycles.2

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1 Management Insight Technologies, sponsored by Red Hat, "State of Linux in the public cloud for enterprises," February 2018.
2 IDC White Paper, sponsored by Red Hat, "The Business Value of Red Hat Solutions and Cost Relationship to Unpaid Alternatives," July 2019.