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Return Policy

New web store subscription orders are associated to the user account and login used at the time of purchase. New web store subscriptions are ready to use and activated immediately upon purchase.

1. Return policy for purchases directly from Red Hat:

Red Hat's subscription model provides access to open source solutions, maintenance, and services annually. Customers pay one price and for a year are entitled to bug fixes, maintenance updates, new features, system management technology, and technical support. Red Hat's policy is to not provide refunds or accept returns. This applies for purchases of physical media, subscriptions with physical media, and subscriptions without physical media (electronic download only).

In the event that a customer receives the wrong physical media or requires different physical media, Red Hat will perform an exchange. The restrictions are that the exchange must take place within 30 days of the initial receipt of the physical media and the physical media must be unopened. Customers are responsible for all shipping costs for exchanges.

2. Return policy for purchases not made directly through Red Hat:

Red Hat cannot accept returns on any products that were not purchased directly from Red Hat - this includes but is not limited to, OEMs, distributors, and resellers. Red Hat adheres to a no RMA policy.

3. Policy for upgrading/downgrading subscriptions:

Upgrading a subscription is allowed. For example, the customer would like to upgrade from an Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Platform Standard subscription to an Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Platform Premium or from Red Hat Enterprise Linux (1-2 socket) Basic to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (1-2 socket) Standard. For details, please contact your sales representative or send an email to

Downgrading a subscription is not allowed (for example Red Hat Enterprise Linux Premium to Red Hat Enterprise Linux Standard).