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Top 5 best remote work guides for 2020

These guides offer tips and best practices to boost productivity and security when working remote.
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The onset of COVID-19 restrictions consolidated years of advancement in remote work down to just a few months. While some of us have been administering systems in remote data centers for years and working out of our home office was the norm, there were many that were new to the world of remote systems administration and working outside of the office environment.

Over the past year, Enable Sysadmin had a series of articles detailing a variety of strategies for working within this new paradigm. My coworker and good friend Anthony Critelli taught us five best practices for administering systems remotely, including some fancy SSH agent forwarding.

From the Red Hat side, Ken Hess detailed some remote support options that can help you safely troubleshoot both corporate users and family members that might be having trouble.

Both Ken and I published articles detailing some tips for working from home. As I have been a remote worker for quite a few years, I've picked up a few tips and tricks along the way for making it a little easier to manage.

Some of these are technical, like my tmux and mosh combo, whereas some are decidedly non-technical, like having a dedicated workspace whenever possible. Ken provides some excellent guidance around self-care by dressing for success and taking frequent breaks.

Finally, Sudoer Nathan Lager from Red Hat has some excellent suggestions on how to keep yourself secure when you aren't afforded the luxury of the corporate office.

Though these topics took on a special importance over the past year, they are no less important going into the coming year. I hope you find them useful!

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