Gain control and use all your data security with data virtualization

Data is the life blood of the enterprise. Do you feel comfortable with the amount of control you have over all of your data? Do you know who’s accessing it and when? Can you centrally set and control a consistent level of access across all data sources? If not, data virtualization can help.


New data sources are constantly being added, and the volume of data keeps increasing. Data virtualization lets you easily create departmental or audience-specific data marts so that applications have access to only the data they absolutely need. Because there's no moving or copying of the data required with data virtualization, there's only 1 source of the data to monitor and manage.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How data virtualization helps you implement a data firewall for secure data access.
  • How to implement centrally manageable data access policies regardless of data source type.
  • Role-based security, row/column masking, and extensive auditing capabilities.

Join Kimberly Palko, Red Hat JBoss product manager, and Blaine Mincey, Red Hat solution architect, to discuss how Red Hat® JBoss® Data Virtualization can provide consistent, secure data access for analytics across multiple, diverse data sources. This webinar includes real-world examples and a live demo.


Date: June 11, 2014

  • 11:00 am ET
Length: 01:00
Language: English
Audience: Technical


Kim Palko JBoss product manager, Red Hat
Blaine Mincey Solution architect, Red Hat

About Kim Palko: Kim Palko is a Red Hat product manager who has responsibility for Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization and the Red Hat JBoss big data initiative across middleware products. She works with customers, partners, engineering, marketing, customer support, and other Red Hat product managers to ensure that our products meet or exceed customer and market demands. Kim has more than 17 years of product management and engineering experience with integration technologies and distributed systems.
About Blaine Mincey: Blaine Mincey is a Red Hat middleware solution architect of 5 years. He is passionate about open source and working with customers to solve complex business problems with advanced solutions. For more than 18 years, Blaine has designed and developed enterprise systems across a variety of industries including retail, transportation, bioinformatics, e-commerce, and location-based services. He’s an active member of the Atlanta Java™ Users Group and the Atlanta JBoss Users Group. He has an MBA from Shorter College and an MS in applied computer science from Kennesaw State University.