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Cigna builds a private cloud

Cigna needed to improve its IT provisioning processes to keep up with the innovations of its developers. The company created an entrepreneurial team to experiment with building an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) self-service provisioning capability. Deploying Red Hat solutions and Red Hat-supported open source projects, Cigna's initial proof of concept was so successful that it immediately spread throughout the IT organization. Today, Cigna's development and infrastructure teams are seamlessly aligned and able to speed business applications to customers while carving out costs from the provisioning process to boost Cigna's bottom line.

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UNE EPM Telecommunications cuts costs in half

UNE EPM Telecommunications provides IT and communication services throughout Colombia. To maintain its profitability and competitiveness, UNE EPM needed a directory solution to support its growing bandwidth needs and reduce costs. Red Hat® Directory Server on Red Hat Enterprise Linux® cut its licensing and support costs almost in half. Red Hat Training prepared UNE EPM employees to operate and support the new software, ensuring a smooth transition.

Novamedia reduces website deployment time from days to minutes

Novamedia operates fund-raising lotteries. Long deployment times were delaying launches of new lottery websites, while stale information frustrated lottery players. Red Hat® JBoss® Fuse now allows a lottery's IT department to upload information more quickly, and new lottery sites can be launched in minutes, not days.

Produban migrates to Red Hat Enterprise Linux with Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization

Produban manages IT systems for the Santander Group worldwide. With their worldwide datacenters standardized on Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®, Produban recently added Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization and Red Hat Satellite to help reduce their operational risk and increase efficiency without impairing quality.

POSCO ICT builds agile IT infrastructure with Red Hat solutions on Intel Xeon Servers

POSCO ICT, an IT service provider, wanted to replace its complex IT infrastructure with one that was cost effective, scalable, agile, and flexible. With Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® and Intel Xeon processor-based servers, their new IT infrastructure can easily adapt to meet new and changing business needs.

Cerner boosts performance and stability of mission-critical applications with Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Cerner continually evaluates the technology used to deliver its application hosting services, with the goal of achieving new levels of stability and performance for its clients. In the mid-2000s, Cerner's primary database vendor, Oracle, began pushing the firm to migrate the database tier of its flagship Cerner Millennium application suite to Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®.

Essar upgrades access security for global HR portal

Essar, an Indian multinational conglomerate, needed a global HR portal. It had to be an enterprise-class web server platform that was easy to configure, thoroughly tested, and fully supported. Essar migrated to Red Hat® JBoss® Web Server to ensure secure access to personal employee information to comply with the UK Data Protection Act 1998.

Chinese telecommunications company builds reliable and stable virtualization platform using Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization

One of the top web portals in China, 21CN Information Network (21CN), provides a comprehensive multimedia consulting platform, online video, mailbox, broadband, and value-added mobile services. To maximize its existing IT resources, 21CN turned to Red Hat® Enterprise Virtualization to build a stable, efficient and powerful virtualization platform.

Casio builds high-availability storage with software and commodity servers

Casio Computer develops and sells a wide variety of digital devices and had been using monolithc storage virtualization products to make efficient use of its storage environments for server virtualization. To reduce costs and avoid vendor lock-in, Casio migrated to Red Hat® Storage Server, whereby a virtual storage environment can be implemented using the internal disks of commodity servers.

Mitsubishi Research Institute DCS Easily Deploys Red Hat JBoss Middleware

Mitsubishi Research Institute DCS provides corporate IT infrastructure consulting and out-sourcing services. Facing increasingly fierce global competition, it used Red Hat® JBoss® Middleware for its business process management system giving the company a robust, future-proof business platform with improved transparency and operational efficiency.

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