Partnership with Crack dot Com Brings Games to Linux

Research Triangle Park

United States, October 7, 1997

Red Hat Software and Crack Dot Com Forge Relationship to Bring Games to Linux

Red Hat Software, Inc., publishers of Red Hat Linux, the most stable, fast, and secure multi-tasking operating system available, and Crack dot Com, developers of the cult-hit Abuse and the anticipated 3D real-time strategy game title, Golgotha, today signed an agreement to publish games for Linux.

Marc Ewing, Vice President and Director of Development at Red Hat Software said of the relationship, "Red Hat, Inc. is extremely pleased to be working with such a talented group of artists and programmers. In addition to being on the leading edge of game development, Crack dot Com has been a staunch supporter of the Linux operating system. The combination of Red Hat and Crack will allow Linux users to have an uncompromised multimedia gaming experience."

The alliance between Red Hat Linux and Crack dot Com will bring greater speed, better disk efficiency, and stronger net performance. Crack dot Com envisions a careful marriage of 3D points of view in a real-time strategy format. Specifically, Golgotha incorporates new rendering technology, frantic gameplay, and a strong storyline.

"Since I was introduced to Unix variants almost 10 years ago, I've dreamed of developing and selling games for them.", said Dave Taylor, of Crack dot Com. "Linux has a development environment far superior to Windows and Macintosh Operating Systems. Chances are great that the typical Linux installation is linked to the Internet and on a higher bandwidth connection; this offers better net performance. Linux even has DirectX equivalents, and recently got support for 3DFX's popular Voodoo chipset. This is a very exciting time for us."

This is an exciting time for the gaming community too. Red Hat Software and Crack dot Com are the first to sign a publishing agreement of this kind. Their games will be the first to be marketed, sold, and supported for Unix and Linux. Clearly both Red Hat, Inc. and Crack dot Com realize that this is just the beginning for them, and their alliance promises to bring the latest in technological advancements to the gaming community.

About Crack dot Com
Crack dot Com is a small game development company located in Austin, Texas. The company was incorporated in 1996 by Dave Taylor, who is part of the team that made Doom and Quake, and Jonathan Clark, author of Abuse. Crack dot Com's web site is located at

For more information on Golgotha, check out the Golgotha section of Crack dot com's website at

For the most current information, see "It's Golgotha Dammit", at .

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