Red Hat Cloud Pathway

Move into the future of cloud computing

The Red Hat Cloud Pathway is a series of tailored engagements designed to help you establish the foundation for your present and future cloud initiatives. This service combines open source expertise and best practices to explore cloud viability, develop a strategic road map, and establish a foundational cloud infrastructure.

What to expect

The Red Hat Cloud Pathway begins with:

  • An assessment of your organization’s business goals and the maturity of your IT infrastructure.
  • An exploration of open standards, concepts, and alternatives.
  • Strategic recommendations for your organization to achieve its business goals.

This service:

  • Examines and catalogs your infrastructure.
  • Analyzes IT maturity from multiple dimensions to understand the gap between current maturity and that required for chosen deployment models.
  • Explores which virtualization technology could be implemented to consolidate servers.
  • Develops a strategic roadmap for cloud adoption.
  • Establishes a cloud platform to serve as the foundation for your present and future cloud computing initiatives.

Upon completion of this phase, Red Hat works closely with you to map out a comprehensive deployment strategy.

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