Engagement models

Having a Red Hat Consulting team as part of your project mitigates risk, reduces timelines, and facilitates seamless knowledge transfer.

We offer a number of flexible engagement models to staff against your objectives, and we can scale our team to fit the needs of yours. For days, weeks, or months, we can partner either remotely or on site, or do all of the development and implementation and facilitate full training and transfer.

  • Consulting: From mentoring and advising to strategy and implementation, our global team of consultants can function, remotely or on site, for as long as needed.
  • Co-sourcing: Supplement your team with a seamless partnership approach. We work on site with your team daily, augmenting your staff for large-scale projects like migrations, implementations, and transformations.
  • Turnkey: We do the heavy lifting. Red Hat develops and implements a solution or application for your organization, and then trains your team to ensure full knowledge transfer.

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Red Hat Consulting Units let you prepay for services, so you can invest in your technology infrastructure needs without committing to a specific consulting topic. Learn more about Consulting Units (CUs).