Red Hat Cloud Quickstart

Assess and accelerate your cloud viability with Red Hat Cloud Foundations Edition One

Quickstarts help speed deployment of a Red Hat® technology. Red Hat Cloud Quickstart equips your organization with the expertise, high-level support, and knowledge transfer to rapidly build, manage, and optimize a cloud solution tailored to your unique technology environment.

Speed your transition to cloud computing

The Cloud Quickstart consulting engagement, aided by a Red Hat consultant, leverages Red Hat’s Cloud Foundations Reference Architecture Edition One to assess the viability of a cloud environment for your enterprise and, if chosen, can demonstrate a tangible implementation of a private cloud for testing purposes.

This is a valuable step in cloud adoption, providing confidence in your organization’s ability to support larger cloud strategies.

A Red Hat Consulting Quickstart is an optimal introduction to cloud computing designed to assess and accelerate your organization’s transition to cloud computing. Red Hat is proud to be a leader in delivering the infrastructure necessary for reliable, agile, and cost-effective cloud computing.

What’s involved in the Cloud Quickstart

An experienced consultant helps:

  • Demonstrate a prototype cloud infrastructure solution.

  • Install, set up, and configure a Red Hat Cloud Foundations Edition One set of integrated products, documentation, and reference architectures (up to 10 servers).

  • Prepare your IT staff to manage virtualization tasks independently after the engagement.

  • Provide knowledge transfer and complete documentation.

For customers ready to develop proof points of cloud viability, the Quickstart can be coupled with the option to migrate 1 to 2 workloads to the established test cloud to deliver a proof of concept. This proof-of-concept option is scoped as an add-on module to the Quickstart on a case-by-case basis.

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