Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Quickstart

Rapid deployment of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization

Quickstarts help speed deployment of a Red Hat® technology. Aided and optimized by a Red Hat consultant, these short-term engagements also mitigate risks with new deployments through on-site configuration expertise, high-level support, and knowledge transfer.

Why Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Quickstart?

The short-term Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Quickstart enables you to efficiently deploy virtualization technologies into your IT environment. You get the maturity and enterprise readiness of Red Hat integrated virtualization without disturbing your existing IT infrastructure. A demonstration setup of virtual servers will help your IT staff develop the skills to cope with virtualization-related tasks.

What’s involved

During this consulting engagement, a Red Hat consultant installs Red Hat Enterprise Linux®-based virtualization into your environment, giving you an enterprise-class virtualization infrastructure. This setup can host your mission-critical production applications at a fraction of the cost of proprietary virtualization solutions.

Together with your IT staff, our consultant will virtualize one of your existing physical systems, training your system administrators on the job.

Virtualization benefits

As a technology, virtualization can help:

  • Improve economic efficiency and reduce costs (for example, in terms of hardware, power consumption, and datacenter space).

  • Enhance your ability to meet service-level agreements (for example, downtime can be reduced).

  • Improve business agility so you can respond quickly to changing demands.

  • Leverage existing resources like hardware, server-room space, and system administration time more efficiently.

  • Give you a better staff-to-server ratio.

  • Cut power and cooling costs.

  • Allow applications to be “mobile,” moving from one server to another, thereby reducing planned downtime and giving you more options for business-continuity planning and disaster recovery.

A Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Quickstart, based on Red Hat best practices, is an optimal introduction to virtualization technologies. Deploying Red Hat integrated virtualization now will help you to achieve significant cost savings.