Business process management

Easily make active business decisions as events occur

As data grows and business accelerates, meeting the speed and accuracy demands of your customer base is continuously more challenging. Efficient business processes help you consume and manage the data you need to make smart, timely decisions.

Red Hat® JBoss® BRMS is a business rules management system (BRMS) that gives you full access to easily manage and develop business rules, workflows, and policies. Reducing development time and increasing decision-making capabilities.

Get the most out of Red Hat JBoss BRMS

To take full advantage of JBoss BRMS, you need a solid understanding of its capabilities and how to design a solution around it. Red Hat Consulting provides a bridge for your business and technology teams to fully realize the power of a BRMS system.

Our mentor-based consulting allows your organization to adopt new business rules technologies and migrate your systems while becoming self-sufficient. Learn how to create and maintain rules and workflows, test and deploy rules, and integrate rules to existing systems and services.

Details of a BPM engagement

During this engagement, a consultant implements a comprehensive BPM framework that may include the following tasks:

  • Develop the architecture of your JBoss BRMS platform.
  • Set up your new JBoss BRMS system.
  • Identify business owners within your organization.
  • Set up JBoss BRMS groups and permissions.
  • Select BRMS rules types (BRL,DRL, decision tables).
  • Train your team about BRMS rules creation and fact model creation.
  • Integrate your applications into the JBoss BRMS system.
  • Extract existing business logic from legacy applications that are not rules-engine-based to JBoss BRMS.
  • Migrate rules sets from existing third-party platforms to JBoss BRMS.
  • Optimize the existing software development life cycle for Jboss BRMS integration.

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