Custom Software Development

To get the most benefit from your open source software, you need a trusted partner to provide technical expertise for planning, design, and delivery. Why not let the experts in open source help you quickly implement open source middleware as an enterprise application development model?

Custom solutions to help you succeed

Red Hat® consultants act as an extension of your team to deliver support in every aspect of the application development lifecycle. We offer a comprehensive set of open source technical capabilities related to custom application development, business process management, data integration, and presentation layer services to help create the right solutions for your business.

We help build a foundation, provide you with a custom solution, and show you how to use your technology successfully.

Engagement details

Choose which engagement option best meets your software development needs:

Full lifecycle implementation solutions

Outsourced solutions built and delivered to you. You determine whether you want services for all facets of the development lifecycle, or only in particular phases of the process.

Assessments and recommendations

Initial assessments and recommendations to create a strategic plan for your implementation effort. We also give you see architectural guidance and strategy direction for open source products so you can continue to improve your IT environment.

Technology modernization

Extend the life of your legacy applications and software by identifying and implementing more sustainable solutions that both turn-around and improve performance.

JBoss Enterprise Middleware mentoring

Extensive mentoring by JBoss® engineers who are knowledgeable about all JBoss Enterprise Middleware product line. Get the knowledge you need to maximize your JBoss investment.

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