Enterprise Data and Storage

Take control of your organization’s data and storage

The data you need for your business is growing rapidly. And with growing data comes growing challenges. Whether your hurdles originate from acquisitions, integration with partner systems, or an explosion in data sources, you need a solid strategy to control costs, create scalable storage architectures, and get the most value from your data assets.

Red Hat® Consulting works with you to define strategies for all aspects of enterprise data and storage, including security, performance, and access.

Strategic data management plan

Our consultants take a holistic approach to understanding your data landscape and the challenges you face. After studying your challenges and requirements, we select the right products and establish appropriate processes to help you manage data today and in the future.

Solutions to manage growth

We offer numerous solutions to improve efficiency and flexibility, including:

  • Data virtualization and integration tools that increase visibility into your enterprise’s disparate data sources and standardize access to them.
  • Scale-out storage systems that decrease costs, ensure high performance, and boost overall storage capacity compared to more traditional systems.
  • Data security controls to protect your assets at rest and in transit.

Engagement details

With this engagement, our expert consultants:

  • Analyze requirements for data storage, data access, and integration.
  • Define data security requirements.
  • Design scale-out storage architecture.
  • Implement data storage system.
  • Help with data migration.
  • Establish data management processes.
  • Analyze data sources, schemas, and mappings.
  • Design and implement database virtualization solutions.
  • Design and implement big data solutions.
  • Integrate enterprise data and storage technologies into existing systems.
  • Mentor your team on data management, integration, and performance practices.

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