SOA and integration

Build a bridge between disparate platforms

In today's fast-moving market, you need systems that can scale and communicate with each other. Technologies that don't work together seamlessly hinder performance and efficiency, adding overhead and leaving you with unnecessary and unwanted technology.

Orchestrate your systems to perform for your business

An intelligent integration SOA platform communicates between disparate systems, so you can react quicker and make your business more secure and efficient.

Red Hat® Consulting works with you to integrate systems in a way that's manageable and scalable. We introduce new technology or makes sense of the technology you have, establishing a decentralized platform that can send messages across multiple systems. Enabling this kind of lightweight integration gives you only the technology you need, improving performance and reducing cost.

Engagement details

As part of this engagement, our consultants offer:

  • Assessments. We review your existing messaging systems and give an architectural overview of how integration can improve your systems.
  • Technical architecture. We design your lightweight messaging architecture and set a reference architecture for deploying messaging and integration.
  • Installations. We set up and connect integration points.
  • Full build. We design and construct your complete system, write rules around transformation of data, and set up security.

For deliverable details, pricing, and more information, contact Red Hat Consulting.

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