Systems management

Establish an efficient, scalable IT environment

Your growing organization needs an IT environment that is scalable, flexible, and repeatable. Open source software gives you these benefits, so you can extend your infrastructure when and where you need to. However, migrating to open source is only the first step in becoming more productive and lowering your total cost of ownership (TCO).

As systems expand, you need to effectively manage your IT environment to get the quickest return on investment (ROI). Red Hat® Consulting makes it easy to manage expanding systems.

Improve efficiency with single-system management

Our consultants assess your current systems and create and implement a strategic plan to increase efficiency across your entire IT environment.

Red Hat consultants design and structure common builds and install and configure management platforms. Because our platforms are built on open source, making updates and provisioning new systems is simple and quick. We work with you to streamline processes and improve automation, standardization, and repeatability, so you can do more with less. With a more consistent environment, growth is easy.

Plus, you can manage thousands of systems from a single place. This includes:

  • Operating systems
  • Cloud and virtualization
  • Infrastructure tooling
  • Applications
  • Monitoring
  • Backup

Engagement details

Using industry best practices, our expert consultants give you:

  • An assessment or technical proof-of-concept (POC) options.
  • Roadmap outlining your systems management strategy.
  • Implementation of a standard operating environment (SOE) based on best practices.
  • Installation and configuration of a management platform.
  • Tailored training and support options.

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