Strategic Migration Planning

Product expertise with proven methodologies to guide you through the migration process

Migrating from proprietary technologies to those based on free, industry-wide standards will not only help you carve out IT costs, but also help scale your IT ecosystem. And strategic migration planning from Red Hat® gives the roadmap to execute that migration safely and efficiently.

Maximize cost savings and knowledge transfer

Developed by Red Hat’s global team of architects and enterprise consultants, our strategic migration planning provides the tools, insights, and proven processes needed to proactively plan your migration based on risk and readiness. You achieve maximum cost savings and knowledge transfer with minimal disruption to your business.

Getting started on your migration path

A thorough understanding of your migration environment is the critical first step to ensure faster time to value. Red Hat has established a proven process designed to identify migration opportunities, examine the risks associated with various migration scenarios, create a standard enterprise build, and develop a comprehensive strategic migration plan for the enterprise.

This approach leaves you better equipped to migrate opportunistically, so you can:

  • Maximize cost savings and efficiencies as the transition progresses.
  • Speed time to production.
  • Drive return on investment (ROI).

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