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FICO Proves The Mainstream OpenStack Adoption Point
Forbes – June 9, 2015
One doesn’t expect to see 60-year-old companies provide the best case studies for cutting-edge technology adoption but recently I took the opportunity to talk to FICO about its attempts to transform itself from an old-world model to a new one. I came away impressed by the company’s vision and execution and got a good story about cloud adoption to boot.
Microservices – the most frequently asked questions
JAXenter – June 15, 2015
If your boss ever asks you if you want to switch to microservices, don’t bluff. Dr. Mark Little, Red Hat’s Vice President of middleware engineering, explains the basics of IT’s monolith-killing trend.
Red Hat CEO reveals how openness works in management
IT Europa – June 11, 2015
Red Hat's President and CEO Jim Whitehurst had a background in turning round failing businesses like the US's Delta Air Lines. No management theorist, though with a background in management as a partner with The Boston Consulting Group, he found a different model at Red Hat, and has now written a book about it. In "The Open Organization", out this month, he argues for a way of working that is different from the usual hierarchical structure in the IT industry.
Avoid culture shock in your next cloud computing project
TechTarget – June 30, 2015
Before moving to the cloud, enterprises face a long to-do list of technical tasks, ranging from application redesign to defining security requirements. The biggest challenge with a cloud computing project, however, lies not with the technology itself, but in the massive cultural shift it requires of an organization.
Why Business Needs Bimodal IT
Forbes – July 13, 2015
CIOs need to respond to the cataclysmic technology shift within their own organizations. The IT organization can’t turn into a digital startup overnight and, besides, there’s a raft of business-critical responsibilities that it simply can’t (and absolutely should not) divest. The answer is bimodal IT.


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