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Many eyes. Fewer bugs.

Open technology and security are tightly connected. Rather than relying on one company or organization to create a secure solution, open technology allows government and the private sector to work together to create their ideal secure environments.

How many experts would you rather have reviewing code for security flaws? 10 or 10,000?

Open technology allows entire industries to agree on standards and encourage their brightest developers to continually test and improve the code. Linux® is used widely by the public sector, and SELinux was co-developed by the United States National Security Agency and Red Hat, among others.

How does Red Hat make open source software secure?

Unlike proprietary vendors, Red Hat develops software in collaboration with customers from a range of industries, including government and financial services, ensuring that rigorous security protocols are built into our software. This contributes to our software meeting some of the highest security certifications available under internationally recognized standards, like Common Criteria, and is one of the reasons 50% of the world's trading volume is powered by Red Hat products and solutions.

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When we're dealing with a customer, the longest part of the sales cycle is getting the customer comfortable with the security of the platform in the cloud. When we say Red Hat, it clicks with the customer and shuts off half of their security questions.

Mitch Nelson, Director of Managed Services for enterprise, Adobe Systems
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The main challenge was to find a solution to accommodate the needs of our customers in terms of security and performance, while providing an unparalleled return on investment (ROI). Couple these requirements with our need for world-class, enterprise support, and Red Hat led the pack

Victor Vargas, CIO, Ampersand
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Security is much easier to maintain with Red Hat solutions.

Mike Stahl, IT manager, Linux support, tw telecom
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No one can solve IT security issues alone. Connecting with a community and
solving problems together is the future of technology.

The experts on our support and services teams can make your IT more secure

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