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When the best ideas win, you can't lose

Technology is knowledge made useful, science applied to solve problems. Science thrives in the open, when people are free to share their ideas and improve or build on the work of others. Every innovation is a modification or extension of a past breakthrough. Every new idea comes from connecting ideas that came before. Every solution comes from the sharing of a problem.

Creation is always an act of collaboration.

The open source way

Connected curiosity

At Red Hat, when we talk about "open source," we're talking about a proven way of collaborating to create technology. The freedom to see the code, to learn from it, to ask questions and offer improvements: This is the open source way.

Unlike every other major technology supplier, we prefer working and participating in communities of rigorous meritocracy, where the process is open, everyone has the same information, and everyone is free to make improvements.

When the best ideas win, customers can't lose.

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The Red Hat way

Technology built by trust

  • Community builder Open source communities can innovate far more effectively than traditional R&D labs. So we bring customers, partners, and developers into communities of purpose to solve shared problems together.

  • Contributor Red Hat also contributes a lot of code. We pay our engineers and developers to work in open technology communities on behalf of our customers, contributing their work to the project like everyone else.

  • Curator When useful open source technology emerges, we test it, harden it, and make it secure and reliable. Then we gather, package, and support it as enterprise products for ten years.

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Default to open: The story of open source and Red Hat

Open source improves security

More eyes. More secure.

While it might seem counterintuitive, open source software is often more secure than proprietary software.

Would you rather fly in a plane that has been inspected for safety by 10 inspectors, or 100, or 1,000 times? When it comes to finding problems, more eyes are always better.

No software is impervious, and no development process is perfect.

But when the process is open, bugs, flaws, back doors, and vulnerabilities are found sooner, more often, and fixed more quickly. In fact, debugging and securing software is the essence and common purpose of every software community.

It's easier to solve problems when everyone can see them, and more eyes mean fewer bugs.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

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The combination of Red Hat technologies, the innovations taking place inside our organization, and developments in the healthcare industry are all converging at exactly the right time for us to do that.

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RDO is a community of people using and deploying OpenStack on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Fedora and distributions derived from these (such as CentOS, Scientific Linux and others).

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Community-driven projects featuring the latest innovations for cutting-edctage apps. Our flagship project, JBoss® AS, is the leading open source, standards-compliant, Java EE-based application server implemented in 100% Pure Java.

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