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Improve your skills, or the skills of your team, with our hands-on, role-based training for IT professionals and developers. Master key tasks for Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®, Red Hat JBoss® Middleware, Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack® Platform, and more.

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A smart investment toward an even smarter team

Your staff is your most valuable asset. Their skills and knowledge of technology translate into success for your business. We've helped nearly 2 million students worldwide get the most out of their Red Hat technologies. Red Hat Training's hands-on, task-focused courses and certifications give your team the skills they need to implement real-world changes—better and faster.

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Prepare for the real world

Our hands-on, lab-based approach to learning keeps students at their keyboard for as much as 80% of a course and maximizes the retention of skills they'll use every day. Get a taste of our training.

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Put your team at the head of the Red Hat technology class with the largest Linux and JBoss curriculum in the world, designed by product experts to help your staff in a variety of job roles.

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Ensure your staff's command of a particular subject with task-based certification exams built to demonstrate a student's true capabilities.

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Nexor provides a high level of trust to their customers through technology

Nexor, a UK market leader in secure information exchange and information assurance security, gets help from Red Hat hands-on training and certification to move from a proprietary set of operating systems to an open system. This gives them more competitive pricing and increases the services they provide their customers. Using deep, hands-on training and testing from Red Hat to integrate the Red Hat and Nexor products helps them use all of the features of the Red Hat operating system with the Nexor code–a solution that has a high degree of security and usability.

Red Hat Training will help us maximize the value of the Red Hat solutions by growing our skills.


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Explore paths for Red Hat technologies

Red Hat offers training for a variety of its technologies, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat JBoss, Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, OpenShift Enterprise by Red Hat, and more.

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It shouldn't be a chore to learn about—and register for—the training you want. We provide a number of ways to help you.

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Map out a personalized training path based on your experience, proficiency level, and desired goal.
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A one-stop repository of resources including datasheets, webinars, training videos, and more.
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We offer a variety of delivery methods to meet your training needs, schedule, and budget.
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We give you lots of ways to save, like locking in savings up front while you achieve your training goals and maximize your Red Hat technology investment.
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Red Hat Academy

Open source technology curriculum for academic programs

Red Hat Academy gives education programs in high schools and higher education institutions worldwide the technology and support to offer a Linux® academic curriculum.

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