Application development and integration

Create competitive advantage with modern business services

Innovative, open, cost-effective integration and development tools and services let you automate and manage hybrid cloud applications with performance and operational control.

A faster path from innovative ideas to business value

Cloud apps that take advantage of big data solutions, mobile technologies, and social media can connect customers and products in new ways. But your business needs to build, integrate, and deliver these apps quickly—before the competition does.


Red Hat helps you create and evolve the applications you need

  • Faster application and service delivery

    Develop, deploy, and manage apps with tools that unify data and integrate workloads.

  • Greater choice

    Choose the development frameworks, platforms, tools, and deployment runtimes that meet your needs.

  • Open integration

    Efficiently and flexibly integrate apps, data, and devices across heterogeneous apps and systems.

  • Run anywhere

    Design portable, modular, and scalable apps that run across a diverse set of infrastructures.


The right way to build and integrate cloud apps

The key is to do more with less, and it was for this reason that open source software implementation became a perfect solution.

Emilio Patricio Gómez, deputy general director of Information Systems and Technological Development of the National Coordination of the Human Development Program Oportunidades, Mexico Learn More

Open hybrid cloud

Cloud is here. Deploy it today. Or prepare for tomorrow.

  • Lay a flexible foundation for your present and future enterprise.
  • Make developers and IT operations more agile and flexible.
  • Efficient IT gives you time to innovate.
  • What you have works—now make it work together.

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