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Develop and deliver apps faster with PaaS

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) lets developers easily develop, deploy, and run applications. It gives architects and IT operations a controlled environment built on known and trusted technologies. The result: faster time to market for application services and a more efficient use of resources within IT.

Give developers the tools to do what they do best

Automated workflows and tooling help developers access what they need, when they need it. With easy-to-manage processes and integration, developers can improve productivity and deliver apps faster. A shared multitenancy environment lets apps scale automatically to handle peak workloads.


Get choice and capacity while retaining control and efficiency

  • Deliver application services faster

    Give developers a choice of tools, languages, and frameworks so they can spend more time writing new code.

  • Build a stable, efficient platform

    Using Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® with OpenShift by Red Hat gives IT operations a platform built on enterprise standards.

  • Innovate with agility

    Self-service for developers and easy management for operations means new ideas more often.

  • Expand capacity on demand

    Answer demand intelligently across private and public clouds. Handle peak demand without downtime or complex processes.


Everything you need for an open hybrid cloud approach to PaaS

OpenShift lets us provide the technologies developers want, quickly and automatically.


Open hybrid cloud

Cloud is here. Deploy it today. Or prepare for tomorrow.

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