Red Hat Directory Server

Centralized repository for your identity and user information

Red Hat® Directory Server is an LDAP-compliant server that centralizes user identity and application information. It provides an operating system-independent, network-based registry for storing application settings, user profiles, group data, policies, and access control information.


Red Hat Directory Server simplifies user management by eliminating data redundancy and automating data maintenance. It also improves security, enabling administrators to store policies and access control information in the directory for a single authentication source across enterprise or extranet applications.


Reduced administration costs

Red Hat Directory Server centralizes management of people and their profiles, reducing administrative costs. Plus it acts as a central repository for user profiles and preferences, enabling personalization.

Increased availability and scalability

  • Allows 4-way multimaster replication of data across the enterprise, providing a centralized, consistent data source available to enterprise applications

  • Provides scalability for massive numbers of users by containing the information control required for developing extranet applications

Enhanced security

  • Gives you centralized, fine-grained, access control

  • Provides the foundation for strong certificate-based authentication when used in conjunction with a Red Hat Certificate System

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