Web Framework Kit

All-in-one solution with enterprise-ready versions of popular open source frameworks

The JBoss® Web Framework Kit makes it easier to build and maintain light and rich Java™ applications that use popular open source technologies. It's included in JBoss Enterprise Application Platform and is available separately for JBoss Enterprise Web Server.


Quickly and easily build light and rich Java applications

Java application frameworks provide a simple way to address common Java programming tasks. JBoss Web Framework Kit includes regularly used open source technologies so that building light and rich Java applications is fast and easy.

Single enterprise-class solution

By combining leading rich web application frameworks—like Google Web Toolkit (GWT) and RichFaces—with popular Java frameworks—like Spring Framework and Apache Struts—JBoss Web Framework Kit provides a single enterprise-class solution that supports multiple programming styles and open source frameworks.


Reduced complexity

Simplify your use of popular open source frameworks. Avoid integration and version conflicts. The JBoss Web Framework Kit is a single solution that includes certified and integrated software—everything you need to build and maintain simple web applications.

Enterprise product life cycle

Stable versions of popular open source technologies are backed with long-term enterprise product life cycles. Each release benefits from predictable updates that include defect fixes and nonintrusive feature updates that maintain application compatibility for the long term.

Platform integration

JBoss Web Framework Kit is included with the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform subscription, and can be easily added to JBoss Enterprise Web Server or other popular JBoss framework solutions.

For integrated tooling, JBoss Developer Studio Portfolio Edition (an Eclipse-based development environment) provides a variety of plug-ins that support JBoss Web Framework Kit technologies.

Complete coverage

As a way to simplify the use of multiple application frameworks, JBoss Web Framework Kit is a single solution comprised of multiple technologies that are integrated and thoroughly tested by Red Hat. The JBoss Web Framework Kit supports a variety of popular Java programming styles.


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