Red Hat Enterprise Linux Beta 6

Welcome to the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Beta

The Red Hat Enterprise Linux Beta 2 has been refreshed as of July 21, 2010. This is an update to the last Beta that was made available in June, 2010. Thank you for your continued interest and we look forward to your feedback.

Red Hat is pleased to announce the availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Beta, the next generation of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux platform. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 blurs the lines between virtual, physical, and cloud computing to address shifts taking place in the modern IT environment. Featuring updated core technology, from the kernel to the application infrastructure to the development toolchain, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 is designed to meet the needs of the coming generations of hardware and software technologies.

The Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Beta is available on the following architectures:

  • i386
  • AMD64/Intel64
  • System z
  • IBM Power (64-bit)

We Welcome and Appreciate Your Feedback

You are an important member of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux community. This subsequent release has been improved upon based on your input and collaboration, and we value your continued feedback and participation in this Beta.

There are multiple ways to report your feedback:

  • If you are an existing customer or a partner, you are encouraged to contact Red Hat via the normal support channel available as part of your subscription.
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 includes a new automated error collection and reporting subsystem called "Automatic Bug Reporting Tool" (ABRT). ABRT allows for collecting error and exception conditions from sources ranging from kernel oops to application crashes and unhandled python exceptions. ABRT is used to report new issues and is capable of tracking issues that have been previously reported. For these reasons, Red Hat strongly encourages the use of ABRT in identifying and reporting issues. Please consult the Release Notes for ABRT usage instructions.
  • In addition to the above, you can also report issues directly to Red Hat's bug tracking system called Red Hat Bugzilla. Bugzilla can also be used to review previously reported issues. Red Hat Bugzilla is not an avenue for technical assistance or support, but simply a bug tracking system. Login instructions and access to Bugzilla are detailed on the main Bugzilla web page. All issues, when reporting through Bugzilla, should reference the product name "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6".

Thank you for choosing Red Hat Enterprise Linux. We look forward to your feedback on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Beta.