Red Hat Network Provisioning Module

The Provisioning Module allows you to:

  • Manage the complete life cycle of your Linux infrastructure.
  • Deploy, configure, manage, update, and then re-deploy your Linux systems, all from a single GUI console complete with all the necessary enterprise functionality and controls.


  • Bare metal provisioning
  • Existing state provisioning
  • Multi-state rollback (includes snapshot based recovery)
  • Configuration management
  • RPM based application provisioning
  • Kickstart configuration writer

When you upgrade to Satellite, you also get enhanced features including bare metal PXE boot provisioning, integrated network install tree, and configuration management profiles.

For more information about the additional functionality of an RHN Proxy or Satellite Server, see our comparison table.

For more information about the features listed above, take a tour of the Provisioning Module.

Installation of the Provisioning Module takes only minutes when you register your systems with RHN. For customers wishing to run Proxy and Satellite, a half day to a full day may be required to complete the install.

For customers wishing to optimize their Satellite deployment and receive in-depth training, consulting packages are available for on-site optimization and tutorials.

For pricing or product information about this or any other RHN module, contact sales or call 1-866-273-3428 x45606.