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Red Hat's Custom embedded Linux development team offers application porting, device drivers, kernel optimizations, board bring up and a number of current board support packages. Offerings include customization of RHEL, expert consultant access for your development team, full Linux ports to new architectures, and development and migration of your existing applications to the new development environment. Annual developer support and maintenance is available for all deliverables.


GNU-based development tools are critical for open source development. Red Hat employs the highest caliber tools engineering to continually develop and customize the standard GNU tools such as GCC, G++ and GDB.


Red Hat offers time-critical support to customers in areas of embedded Linux and GNUPro tools allowing customers quick access to the most talented pool of engineers with expertise in C, C++, and embedded Linux.

Cygwin Licensing and Support

Cygwin, the Linux/Unix Emulation layer for Windows, may be licensed from Red Hat to allow proprietary code to be linked against the cygwin library. For customers that use Cygwin in their production or IT environment, we offer expert-level User Support for all the common Cygwin packages. For customers who are developing or porting applications from Linux/Unix using the Cygwin emulation layer, we offer GNUPro Tools support for developers.

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