Custom Engineering for Embedded Linux

For many years, embedded systems have been developed and deployed with the help of Red Hat's open source tools and runtime software. Because of the diverse range of embedded devices and systems, Red Hat has developed a process to customize tools and runtime software for a wide range of architectures, boards, and systems.

Custom Engineering Services helps you assess your run-time software requirements, customize and optimize Linux for your embedded system, and port the open-source boot loader technology Redboot. Typical deployment consist of boot loader, Embedded Linux OS, and customized filesystem or applications development to suit your needs.

Embedded Linux run-time

Linux is an increasingly popular choice for embedded applications. If you are looking to work with a company that has deep Linux expertise, Red Hat is the clear choice.

There are many benefits to working with Red Hat for embedded Linux, including:

  • Open source with wide developer support base
  • Tested, high-performance network stack
  • Multiple graphics APIs (Nano-X, MicroWindows, X)
  • Broad range of driver / application development
  • Portable across multiple CPU architectures
  • RedBoot boot loader

RedBoot is a standardized embedded debug and bootstrap solution that provides firmware for running and debugging embedded Linux systems on a wide range of embedded platforms including ARM, MIPS, MN10300, PowerPC, Renesas SHx, and x86.

RedBoot supports downloading and debugging of applications, flash, and network booting of the Linux kernel. In addition, RedBoot supports downloading and updating of flash images remotely via serial or Ethernet connections, thereby providing field upgrade ability. RedBoot is modular and has a well-defined architecture for adding new functionality. It also provides the convenience of command line and scripting interfaces.

RedBoot enhances the use of Red Hat GNUPro development tools by providing a target side hook known as a "stub" that enables gdb, the GNU debugger, to communicate with applications built with gcc or g++ running on the target board. With RedBoot, this debugging capability is available across the wide range of supported platforms.

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Embedded Linux Benefits

When you buy Embedded Linux support, you benefit from:

  • Increased productivity of your development teams
  • Faster time to market
  • Lower ongoing total cost of ownership
  • The assurance of a sustainable platform maintained by the global leaders in GNU and Embedded development
  • Turnkey migration solutions from Windows/Solaris/other UNIX platforms to Linux when needed
  • Increased ease of development through on-demand fixes
  • Support analysis and technical solutions to your tools or OS related software issues provided by experts who fix problems promptly and thoroughly
  • Customer-driven priority level setting when submitting Support Requests (critical, serious or non-critical)
  • Direct access to front line support for rapid problem assessment
  • 24-hour Internet access to Red Hat's problem reporting system so you can check the status on Support Requests
  • Custom source patches or workarounds developed specifically for you
  • With optional Maintenance Updates, minor kernel revision and filesytem updates are also available allowing you to keep your systems current with the most recent fixes and security patches.

Support Options

Developer Support can be provided for Custom Engineering Services, from RedBoot to full architecture ports. This level of support will allow your developers to focus on developing your applications, minimizing time spent dealing with tools, OS, or filesystem issues. Sold in conjunction with GNUPro support, this level of support provides rapid access to our experts as problems arise. Upon request, maintenance upgrades are also available as part of the annual subscription.

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