Red Hat Open Source Assurance FAQ

What is the Open Source Assurance program?

Open Source Assurance is a program Red Hat designed to protect customers developing and deploying open source solutions. The program features an Intellectual Property Warranty for Red Hat Enterprise Linux customers.

How does the Open Source Assurance program protect customers?

Open Source Assurance features an Intellectual Property Warranty. The Warranty is a promise by Red Hat to replace software if there is an intellectual property issue so that customers may continue to use the solution without interruption.

Who is covered under the Open Assurance program?

All customers with valid, registered Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscriptions are covered under the Intellectual Property Warranty during the term of the subscription.

How do I register my subscription to Red Hat Enterprise Linux if I have not already done so?

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Is this applicable to all versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux?

Yes, all current and future versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux are covered under the warranty.

When does the warranty go into effect?

The warranty will go into effect immediately and details have been made on the customer subscription agreement found at The warranty is subject to any limit of liability specified in the customer's subscription agreement.

Is the warranty retroactive to apply to all subscription agreements?

The warranty is applicable to all current and future subscriptions to Red Hat Enterprise Linux during the term of subscription. Customers who subscribed months ago will have the same coverage as someone who subscribes today.