Healthcare and life sciences

Meet new healthcare challenges head on

The healthcare landscape is evolving. Your organization must comply with changes associated with the Affordable Care Act and new regulations, connect to the wider healthcare community, overhaul inefficient business models, and cut costs. All while delivering safe, quality patient care.

What’s the quickest and most effective way to respond to these changes? With a secure, open IT infrastructure. And as the world's leading enterprise open source provider, Red Hat has the expertise to build it for you or integrate our solutions into your existing environment.

Open source is a great fit for healthcare

In a 2012 Gatepoint Research survey, many healthcare executives said proprietary systems are negatively impacting IT, making it hard to address healthcare priorities.¹ Unlike proprietary solutions, open source software is collaboratively created by hundreds of thousands of developers, including those from the healthcare industry who are using and improving the software to meet their needs. This rapid, highly innovative, and cost-efficient way to make software is well suited to the mission-critical requirements of the healthcare industry.

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Partner with Red Hat

Red Hat works with an ecosystem of software and hardware partners to deliver platforms and solutions to healthcare providers, payers, and life sciences companies:

Partner solutions

  • Financial management systems
  • Electronic medical records
  • Hospital information systems
  • Radiology systems
  • Picture archiving and communications system (PACS)
  • Health information exchange systems
  • Payment systems
  • Practice management
  • Revenue cycle management
  • Data analytics

Our partners

  • McKesson
  • CPSI
  • GE Healthcare
  • Cerner
  • Siemens
  • WorldVistA
  • InterSystems
  • Epic
  • SAS
  • SAP
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  1. “Healthcare Information Technology Trends.” Gatepoint Research. 2012.

Healthcare reform and compliance

Improve patient outcomes

Healthcare companies need applications that:

  • Improve care management.
  • Streamline patient and physician communication.
  • Support the use of electronic health records.
  • Adapt to change rapidly.
  • Integrate the healthcare community.

Deploy apps without sacrificing performance

With Red Hat's flexible, scalable IT infrastructure, you can quickly roll out these applications while ensuring the performance and reliability needed in your healthcare environment.

The business process management and automated, rule-based processes in Red Hat JBoss® Middleware let you create and deploy applications that support compliance.

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Connecting to the healthcare community

Share information while protecting it

To improve efficiency and patient outcomes, healthcare organizations need to connect with the greater healthcare community to share information.

Red Hat delivers the interoperability your organization needs to manage, secure, store, and share healthcare data while adhering to HIPAA guidelines to protect personal healthcare information.

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IT complexity and cost

Save and simplify

Key ways to reduce healthcare-related cost and complexity include efficient IT operations and management.

Add on to what you have

Red Hat offerings are easy to integrate into your existing infrastructure. Avoiding a rip-and-replace approach also helps control costs. Plus, our products work together to deliver reliable, high-performing services.

Make your budget go further

With Red Hat's subscription model, you avoid hefty up-front licensing fees. No separate maintenance agreement. No support incident limits. No upgrade costs. No hidden charges. This makes Red Hat products easy to budget for and purchase.

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New and changing business models

Start with a solid, yet flexible foundation

Healthcare companies need a flexible and scalable IT infrastructure to support rolling out new systems and applications, whether it’s:

  • Moving away from a traditional fee-for-service to a value-based model.
  • Figuring out how to participate in state and federal health insurance exchanges.
  • Changing a go-to-market strategy.
  • Preparing for future changes.

Red Hat’s reliable infrastructure is flexible enough to grow with your needs. At the same time, it improves performance and speeds application development and deployment—on-premise or in the cloud.

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Security of IT and data assets

Protect healthcare information

Healthcare organizations need a cost-effective way to keep patient information, research findings, drug data, and other critical information secure and manageable. Red Hat Enterprise Linux lets you manage, secure, and store healthcare data while adhering to HIPAA guidelines to protect sensitive healthcare information.

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Create a secure foundation

A reliable foundation for critical business applications

Many top healthcare companies rely on Red Hat to protect their sensitive data using our solid security features and high-availability solutions. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the leading open source operating system. It lays a stable foundation that supports your changing requirements and secures your protected health information (PHI).

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Integrate and automate your data exchange

Accelerate, integrate, automate

Red Hat JBoss Middleware facilitates and simplifies the exchange of health information through seamless integration and automation. You can develop, deploy, and manage applications on-premise or in the cloud, and use our service-oriented architecture (SOA) integration and messaging technologies to integrate the healthcare community.

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Access healthcare data instantly

Health information at your fingertips

In healthcare, flexible, cost-effective access to data any time you need it is critical. Red Hat Storage provides a virtual environment to store structured and unstructured data. It lets you efficiently manage your growing healthcare data requirements, controlling growth and the cost of the new data being generated every day.

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Bridge physical and virtual environments

Become more agile with open hybrid cloud technologies

Red Hat cloud products are consistent, enterprise-class environments that bridge the physical and virtual inside your datacenter and public clouds. Our technologies give you the flexibility to adapt to change at a moment's notice, while simplifying IT and controlling costs.

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