Application development

Offering the popular Linux®, Apache, MySQL, and PHP (LAMP) and Java™ stacks, Red Hat®, technologies provide a rich development environment that's perfectly suited to our highly scalable and robust web deployment environments.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux has always been an excellent environment for building, testing, and deploying enterprise-class applications. That’s why Red Hat technologies are usually developed on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Fedora systems. Not only is the development platform the same as the deployment platform, but bare-metal, virtualized, and cloud infrastructure environments are all consistent. And for Java development and deployment, you can rely on JBoss® tools.


Web application development

The growth of the World Wide Web is deeply connected to the availability and use of the LAMP software stack. LAMP represents Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP (or Perl); all technologies provided by Red Hat Enterprise Linux. This development stack has an unmatched combination of convenience, power, robustness, and flexibility that makes it a top choice for developing web applications.

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Enterprise application development

Server-based enterprise applications must apply complex business logic, harness large relational databases, scale well, be fundamentally secure, yet stay flexible enough to meet changing business requirements.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux includes the popular Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE) and a broad choice of programming languages, debugging tools, and optimization capabilities.

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Java applications

In today's dynamic business world, the need to quickly and easily adapt to market change has never been more important. Each business challenge is different, and every IT solution requires a flexible feature set to match business demand now, without sacrificing enterprise performance. The JBoss Open Choice product strategy was created with exactly these concepts in mind.

Service-oriented architecture

Service-oriented architecture (SOA) can be daunting, especially with vendors promoting a new architectural model with the same tired, expensive proprietary extensions and closed source code that focus on customer lock-in instead of customer value.

SOA can enable great agility, productivity, and cost savings—but not if it's implemented with complex, closed, and expensive enterprise platforms. We think there's a better way.

Red Hat redefines SOA to be simple, open, and affordable.

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