Chapter 4. Advanced Issues

Table of Contents
4.1 How can I foward e-mail and keep the message on the server too?
4.2 I don't need a full mailing list manager like majordomo, so what's the best way to create a simple newsletter system without it?
4.3 I don't have a file and I've never needed one. It's not in my macro config either, but something isn't right because some mail is not being accepted. How do I tell what sendmail thinks is in class w?
4.4 We had a user leave and are forwarding his mail, but we're still getting lots of mail for him. What can we do to let people know he's moved on?
4.5 I had a user leave recently and we forwarded his mail once he let us know where to send it, but he has 30 messages in his old mail spool which won't forward. How can we send him this mail at his new address?
4.6 I run a mass e-mail to some 40,000 customers every month. My file system gets hammered about 4 times during the mailing at about 10k each. I believe the problem is that mail got so stacked up in the queue, the kernel can't deal with it any longer.
4.7 How can I force a message in sendmail's mail queue to be delivered?
4.8 I keep getting the following errors: "collect: I/O error on connection" or "reply: read error from". What will fix this?
4.9 I keep getting error 552 `message to large'. How do I fix this?
4.10 My clients sometimes get 30 to 40 second delays when they try and send mail through our mailhost, but it works fine other than this delay. We've checked everything and there just doesn't seem to be anything obviously wrong with our configuration. What else should we check?
4.11 I'm running sendmail on my firewall or bastion host but I don't want my users accessing this machine to send and receive mail. The external MX records all point at the bastion host which works fine, but I want to configure a host on my internal network for my users to use to send and receive mail. How do I get the mail off of the bastion host and onto the internal host, and how do I still use the bastion host to route the mail?
4.12 I have a static IP, but I'm on a dial-up. My ISP pulls secondary MX for my domain. When I connect I can't seem to get mail. What should I do?

4.1 How can I foward e-mail and keep the message on the server too?

In ˜/.forward add the following:

\yourlocalusername, you@somewhere.els