Red Hat Postfix HOWTO

Red Hat, Inc.

This is the Red Hat Postfix HOWTO. Postfix is a dropin replacement for sendmail which is very fast; runs in a chroot jail; and is extremely light on its usage of your hardware's resources. Try it... you'll like it.

Table of Contents
1. Preface
2. Introduction
3. Terminology
4. History and Current Status
5. Where to get Postfix for Red Hat Linux
6. Why Postfix?
7. Postfix Installation on Red Hat Linux
7.1 Prerequisites
7.2 Back up.
7.3 Verify what needs to go away
7.4 Remove sendmail
7.5 Install the Postfix RPM
8. Postfix configuration on Red Hat Linux
8.4 postfix-script
8.5 aliases
8.6 Startup
9. Beyond Default
9.1 The Home User
9.1.1 The Stand Alone Configuration
9.1.2 Fetching the mail
9.1.3 Reading the mail
9.1.4 A couple of tweaks to make it all nice
9.2 The Home Network Configuration
9.3 The Corporate Environment
9.3.1 Postfix on the Firewall
9.3.2 About the map files
9.3.3 What if I want an internal (protected) mail host?
9.3.4 What about .forward files?
9.4 The Service Provider
10. Advanced Issues
10.1 Debugging Postfix
10.2 The chroot jail
10.3 Anti-UCE
11. Majordomo (Listserv)
12. Final thoughts