Chapter 5. Where to get Postfix for Red Hat Linux

Postfix is not released by Wietse in RPM format. It is released as tarred and gzipped source code which must be compiled. Thankfully, with Red Hat Linux we have the ability to create RPMs when and where we choose. In the case of Postfix there have been several people working on Postfix RPMs. The best of these, at the time of this writing, are being done by Simon Mudd <> who is a regular poster to postfix-users and maintains a site where you can get Postfix source and binary RPMs. See also if you use ftp. The latest stable version of the Postfix RPMs as of January 2002: postfix-20010228_pl08release-3, with the latest snapshot or development version being: postfix-20011226snapshot-1. The release of a new stable version is imminent. Postfix RPMs should also be available through and soon they be released as a part of the distribution or on one of the extra CD-ROMs in the Deluxe or Professional boxed sets.