3.3 Building the RPM

Now we need to build the binary RPM. Here's how it's done:

    [root@boss SPECS]# rpm -ba --target i686 sendmail.spec

Note that the --target command used above is not essential but it's nice if you want to build the software with flags for your particular processor. Unless you know what this means use this command instead:

    [root@boss SPECS]# rpm -ba sendmail.spec

Once you issue this command your system will be busy for a while. If you have dependency problems you may have to install some things to make it work. See the RPM mailing list for in depth assistance with RPM. Here's how to subscribe:

    mail -s subscribe rpm-list-request@redhat.com < /dev/null

The cool part about what we've done is that we now have a true ISP type configuration available to us. Now the home user may not need or even be interested in this but for other Red Hat Linux users who administer systems for others and ISPs this could be a real benefit.

When the build is complete you will find your shiny new RPMs in /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/iXXX where XXX = the processor type you selected in your build command.