5.3 References

5.3.1 Published

As we mentioned above the best reference of all is the “bat” book, a.k.a. sendmail by Bryan Costales and Eric Allman. The sendmail Desktop Reference is also available (note: the Desktop Reference is small and almost fits in a shirt pocket).

5.3.2 Online

There are hundreds of online references for sendmail. We will only include a few of them here as the rest of them are available to you via a simple Web search.

The Sendmail Web Site

New check_* rulesets/patches for sendmail 8.9

Virtual Hosting with Sendmail

Making Archival Copies Of All SMTP Messages On An SMTP Relay

A Highly Scalable Electronic Mail Service Using Open Systems

Sendmail address rewriting mini-HOWTO

The Linux Electronic Mail Administrator HOWTO

The Linux Mail User HOWTO

Linux Mail-Queue mini-HOWTO

Sendmail + UUCP HOWTO

Linux off-line mailing method (offline mailaddr with 1 account)

Configuring sendmail for offline use

MailHelp at MoonGroup.com